Security Collaboration Success in Self Storage

Ready Steady Store Prevent Crime

Over the past three years, Ready Steady Store has reviewed its security systems, suppliers, and processes. As a result, they decided to collaborate with DSOC to enhance remote monitoring across their entire UK estate.
They also partnered with All Things Fire and Security (ATFS) to upgrade intruder and fire alarms, and with Bearbox to implement multi-factor authentication (MFA).


When conducting a system and supplier review, it’s crucial to remember the core function of the business: prioritising self-storage customers. Ensuring the convenience of safe and secure storage is paramount, making it essential to find the right combination of systems, suppliers, and processes. Before this project, there had been multiple break-in attempts, and more were anticipated. The key question was how to prevent these attempts from being “successful.”

Break Ins Prevented - Proof of Service

The use of speakers for live warnings and the subsequent guard and police call outs have directly disrupted at least 10 live break in attempts in the last 3 years. However, the true scaled success of this
project is largely unquantifiable, being able to rest at ease knowing a large apportion of criminals will be aware of how secure Ready Steady Store are.


Collaborating with All Things Fire and Security (ATFS) to maintain the Intruder and Fire Alarm systems ensured adherence to British fire and security standards and maintained a connection to DSOC for remote monitoring. ATFS also provided PA Speaker Installations for several stores. By integrating these new solutions with the existing Access Control and CCTV, also monitored by DSOC, it became feasible to not only detect suspicious activity but, more mportantly, for operators handling alarms to issue live audio warnings and initiate guard call- outs or police responses.

Another top job here from DSOC on the security monitoring but also a great combination of companies and suppliers working together to combat the ever rising crime within the self storage industry. Hard work paying off and another criminal leaving empty handed!

Gary Myhill

Head of Facilities & Projects, Ready Steady Store


Customer Service

Customers and their stored goods are protected 24/7. It is communicated to them the priority of security across the whole UK estate

Customer Service

Customers and their stored goods are protected 24/7. It is communicated to them the priority of security across the whole UK estate

Crime Prevention

The best in class suppliers collaborate to deliver exceptional on-site and off-site systems and processes, providing direct evidence of crime prevention.

Innovation – Futureproofing

This project has successfully secured both facilities and rofessional relationships. All Things Fire and Security, Bearbox, and DSOC will keep collaborating to deliver a comprehensive, preventative solution for the self-storage sector with the aim of fostering a long-lasting partnership.

Case Studies


Installation of a new fire alarm system to this large warehouse facility in Wakefield, the project had to be delivered to a tight schedule due to the impending Coronavirus lockdown.

The ATF team worked days and nights (and the weekend) in order to get the system live and operational in time for them to start trading.

The system compromised a Bi-wire fire alarm with fire beams and CSL Digi Air monitoring for extra peace of mind

Not Your Average Bikes

Jon and his team at Not Your Average Bikes have a challenging environment whereas they have motorcycles running inside the premises during the day but not in the evening. We decided that the best way forward would be an addressable fire alarm so that in the even of a fire condition the location of the fire could be identified immediately.
We also, programmed the detection with a “Day and Night” mode to enable heat detectors in the workshop area during the day and smoke detection in the evening to limit false alarms.
Fire Beams were fine tuned to cover the mezzanine storage area.
The hardest part of the job was NOT buying a bike!

The ATF team worked days and nights (and the weekend) in order to get the system live and operation in time for them to start trading.

HMO – Bradford

We were asked to come to site to put right what an electrician had installed in terms of the fire alarm system as building control would not sign it off. (They had not accounted for sound levels and subsequently not installed enough throughout).

The student tenants of the HMO were due to arrive on Monday ready to start university and this was Thursday. We came up with a solution whereby we could re-use the existing cabling and swop out the panel and detection for a Bi-Wire system which enabled us to add a sounder everywhere there was a detector. This got the sound levels right up and the system was signed off.


KMRE are building a large residential apartment block in Leeds, the construction site required a temporary fire alarm system to be installed in the site cabin and around the site itself. They also required the correct number and type of fire extinguisher to cover the associated risks on site.

To this effect we achieved both goals by installing the Howler Go Link system which incorporates not only a wireless fire alarm, extinguishers but also the Emergency First Aid point, an extra feature for the client.

New Gates Installed at Wigwam

Innovative Access Control Gate System Installation: Enhancing Security and Efficiency for Wigwam


  • Wigwam operate in the growing sector of Storage
  • They needed a fully controllable gate solution for their customers, which was robust but simple.


  • Enhancing security, improving traffic flow, and providing a more manageable access control solution.


  • Detail any unique challenges or constraints faced during the project, such as space limitations, the need for integration with existing security systems, or specific client requirements.


  • Describe the access controlled gate system installed, including its key features and why it was chosen as the best solution for the client’s needs.
  • Outline the process of installation, highlighting any custom solutions provided to meet the client’s objectives and overcome challenges.


  • Present the outcomes of the installation. This can include improvements in security measures, efficiency gains, or positive feedback from the client and their stakeholders.
  • Use data and metrics to quantify the benefits, such as reduced unauthorized access incidents or faster entry and exit times.


  • Summarize the impact of the access controlled gate system on the client’s operations.
  • Reflect on the project’s success in meeting the client’s needs and any plans for future enhancements or expansions.