Fire Extinguishers in Wakefield


Here at All Things Fire & Security we install and maintain fire extinguishers at business premises in Wakefield and across West Yorkshire.  

Whether you simply need a single extinguisher to protect a small office or several extinguishers to protect multiple sites, we can help.

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Fire Extinguisher Installation in Wakefield

All Things Fire & Security install a comprehensive range of fire extinguishers to suit all fire risks.

It’s important that the fire extinguishers you have on site are matched to the specific fire risks within your building or on-site. Your fire risk assessment will identify the fire risks you need to protect against.

There are different ‘classes’ of fire, for which each extinguisher is designed to tackle. These classes are based on which fuels a fire starts with. It’s the presence of these fuels within your business premises that will help determine which types of fire extinguisher you need and in which locations.

We may need to attend site to complete a free site survey.  We’ll then work with your specific fire safety requirements to ensure your premises are protected with the correct number of extinguishers and the correct types of extinguisher.  

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance in Wakefield

All Things Fire and Security offer a full maintenance service on all types of fire extinguishers in the Wakefield area.

We take the fire safety of our clients very seriously and our fire extinguisher maintenance service is designed to ensure that your extinguishers are always ready to operate correctly to ensure protection from fire risk at all times.

Regular fire extinguisher servicing and maintenance is vital in ensuring your fire safety strategy is able to work when needed and is free from faults. A faulty hose or corroded unit can stop your extinguisher working at the time when it’s needed most. This could lead to a fire quickly becoming out of control and people’s lives being put at serious risk.

Your fire extinguishers should be serviced every year, or more often if in premises where they are more prone to potential damage. High-footfall premises such as hospitals, schools and university accommodation fall in this category.

As well as an annual service, water, foam and dry powder extinguishers should have a discharge test and extended service every 5 years from their date of manufacture. Carbon dioxide extinguishers also need an overhaul every 10 years from their date of manufacture.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing in Wakefield

Your fire extinguisher service engineer will:

  • Check each extinguisher is correctly located in the designated place
  • Ensure each extinguisher is unobstructed and visible
  • Check the operating instructions of each extinguisher are clean, legible and face outwards
  • Check each extinguisher has not been operated, and is not obviously damaged or has parts missing
  • Ensure the reading of any pressure gauge or indicator fitted to an extinguisher is within operational and safety limits.
  • Inspect the seals and tamper indicators of each extinguisher to make sure they’re not broken or missing

In addition to this, we also:

  • Check the cleanliness and integrity of any fire extinguisher boxes or covers, so that the view of the contents remains clear
  • Ensure all fire extinguisher signs are clearly visible and free from dirt
  • Check fire extinguisher stands are undamaged, free from dirt and located in their original place
  • Check photoluminescent signs are visible in dark conditions (if used)

Why Choose All Things Fire & Security?

Based in Ossett, near Wakefield, ATFS have years’ experience in the installation, commissioning and maintenance of all types of fire extinguishers.



We Listen to your requirements, ensuring that what we deliver meets those needs.


If required, we’ll carry out a free site survey after which we Consult on our findings. This consultation process ensures we agree a collaborative way forward.


We Deliver on time and in budget, keeping you updated throughout to ensure our service to you meets your requirements.

Fire Extinguishers in Wakefield

Based in Ossett, we cover Wakefield and the whole of the West Yorkshire county and surrounding areas areas for fire extinguisher installation, commissioning and servicing.

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  • fire extinguisher servicing and maintenance in Wakefield

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